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Mendoza is a beautiful city in the foothills of the Andes. Surrounding the city of Mendoza are more than 1000 vineyards which are visited by thousands of tourists and locals alike each year. From exciting nightlife to outdoor activities such rafting, hiking, mountain biking and world-class skiing, Mendoza has something to suit every palate. It offers a European-style at affordable prices and easy access to South American travel. After Mendoza you can continue with your Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires at Vamos Spanish Academy

Study Spanish in Argentina

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Monday–Friday 9am-6pm

Santiago del Estero 1616
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Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

Why choose Green Fields Mendoza?

Green Field’s Spanish courses are delivered in a fun and professional manner. Classes are tailored to suit your needs so you can learn Spanish at your own pace. Green Field’s classes are small, allowing personalized attention and ample opportunities for spoken practice. Additionally, we will connect you with housing for a fully immersive experience. (See pricing for additional information.) If you decide to visit other cities in Argentina we can arrange your courses in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Salta and Ushuaia among others.

Our Spanish Programs

Our Spanish programs address the needs of every student. Whether you’re a university student or a professional your expectations will be fulfilled. At Green Fields, you will interact with professionals who are highly qualified in teaching Spanish as a second language. Our main goal for all courses is to enable students to communicate fluently and accurately. In addition to the classroom experience, students participate in cultural activities with the purpose of further immersion and additional language practice.

Our Spanish Certificate

Certificates are handed out at the end of the course and are endorsed by the Dirección de Educación Privada and Dirección General de Escuelas I:P:I: nro.1.155. We also offer special programs for students who would like additional practice or want to learn in an alternative manner.

Activities in Mendoza

The standard programs include three intercultural experiences, led and organized by our event coordinator. During these activities you will get the chance to learn more about Mendoza and its culture. These outings include activities such as: Winery tours and tastings, Tours, visit museums, visit traditional villages on the outskirts of Mendoza, visits historical monuments and important buildings in the city and visit pubs with live music and shows among others.

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Santiago del Estero 1616 Godoy Cruz, 5501 Mendoza Argentina

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